Mountin’ Hopes

Mountin’ Hopes is no longer in operation !

Mountin’ Hopes is not providing riding services and we will officially ‘shut our doors’ in the Spring of 2013. Consequently we are not accepting riders or volunteers.

We wish to thank everyone who contributed to supporting Mountin’ Hopes over it’s many years of operation.

Mountin’ Hopes Discontinues Operation – June 2012

Dear Friends of Mountin’ Hopes:

After much discernment, the Mountin’ Hopes Board of Directors decided to discontinue operations and not provide riding services anymore.  It was a difficult decision, and a sad one, but also a time to appreciate all the wonderful services and moments we and you have been a part of since 1997.  This letter is on behalf of the current Board members listed below.

After the farm was sold last October, the Board and key volunteers have sought to continue our program, with a Fall and recent Spring session at Horse Sense of the Carolinas (HSOTC).  At the same time we engaged in a planning process to consider options for the future, including purchase or lease of a new facility, some kind of partnership with an existing horse facility, or dissolution.  At a planning retreat in March, we agreed that the only feasible options were a partnership or some form of dissolution.  We considered three facilities, including Eliada Homes and Warren Wilson College.   While welcoming, none of these were a feasible match.

In the process of assessing the partnership options, and in operating this Spring at HSOTC, we came to understand that we no longer have the energy, time and key volunteers necessary to continue to operate Mountin’ Hopes at the level of quality we and our clients expect.

We regret having to make this decision and want to thank you again for all of your support of Mountin’ Hopes.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of us.


John Graeter, Board Chair

Board of Directors:  Bob Magnus, Nancy MacDonald, Tammie Whitlock, Susan Weidel, Beth Oliver, Kathryn Graeter, Laura Nelson (E.D.)

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